Learning English Vocabulary Notebook (BBC)


For learning: English

Base language: English


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Created Oct 30, 2008
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This is a 21-page notebook (print out and fold) to help you learn new English vocabulary by listening to the BBC World Service radio program. From the text:

HOW DO YOU LEARN NEW VOCABULARY? We all know how difficult it is to remember new words when learning English. But let BBC World Service help you with our Learning English Vocabulary Notebook. In the notebook, we show you eight ways of recording the new words and phrases you hear when you are listening to the BBC World Service. After each technique is explained, we give you space to record your own choice of new vocabulary. In this way, you can decide which techniques work best for you. Finally, use the table at the back of the Vocabulary Notebook to make a note of when and where on your radio you can hear your favourite BBC World Service radio programmes.