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Created Nov 04, 2008
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This is a guide for students in Simon Fraser University's English department to assist in writing their papers. You can follow these recommendations when writing your own papers. From the text:

The SFU Department of English (like English departments at most universities in North America) requires all work to follow formatting guidelines developed by the Modern Language Association, or MLA for short. Some departments at SFU use other formatting guidelines, such as “APA style” or “Chicago style.” At first, MLA style formatting may seem complicated. However, as you practice following the guidelines and gain familiarity with them, you will notice that your essays take on a scholarly appearance. Professional presentation creates favourable first impressions. Whatever attention you pay to formatting will bring immediate satisfaction and probably help your grade. This guide will introduce you to MLA formatting. If you continue in English studies, you will want to purchase a writer’s handbook and study MLA style in greater detail.