"The Lamb" by William Blake


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This is a poem written by William Blake and published in 1789. The poem, like many of Blake's other poems, is about Christianity. The lamb in the poem is Jesus Christ. "The Lamb" was published in a collection of poems titled "Songs of Innocence." This poem is a counterpart to "The Tyger." Together, they examine the good and evil in God.

Much of the language in this poem is archaic by now, so I will give some brief definitions of some of the words, as well as some definitions of uncommon words:
thee: you
dost: do
thou: you
o'er: over
mead: meadow
vales: a valley, often with a stream
thy: the possessive form of 'thou'

If you're interested, you can watch the video of me reading this poem, which is in my video submissions. "The Tyger" will be uploaded shortly.

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EDIT: The video is taking way too long to upload, so you can see it here: