An Introduction of Thai Language


For learning: Thai

Base language: English


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Created May 24, 2008
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Since I have been chatting with foreigners for almost a year, I found many people are interested in learning Thai language. It made me surprised and glad because Thai is not widely spoken,like Chinese or English.
It inspires me to write this article for those who are interested in Thai.
It might not be the best learning Thai article but I hope it can help,more or less


posted 6 month(s) ago

hi , i was realy impress from your english.and realy enjoy from your article.
my name is yoram and i 38 years old,i going to thailand since i was 24 and i like to trevel in thailand very much.i evan study the thai language.and today i can speak thai very well.i will be happy if we can chat on or on msn my adress is yoram_sasson from israel.thank's

posted 6 month(s) ago