Phrasemail Week 1


For learning: English

Base language: English


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Created May 15, 2008
Level Elementary, Beginner
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Phrasemail is a short e-learning course I wrote for elementary to pre-intermediate learners of english. Sixty lessons have been added to show how this 'model' can be used in conjunction with an internal corporate business english program.

Each lesson contains an email message, a model phrase, and a practice section.

The messages follow the story of people working in an international business environment. They provide a model of effective email communication.

The 'Phrase' is taken from the email message, and can be used in many situations.

Each phrase includes a model structure, which is explained clearly and simply. The explanation contains enough information to use the language correctly in other situations.

The practice section provides the opportunity to use new language, and users can post comments and questions directly onto my site -

I'm going to add all sixty lessons to the iTalki site in twelve weekly pdf files.