placement test B (cont)


For learning: Swedish

Base language: English


Rating 0.0 (0 WK096)
SF038 175
WK019 91
Created Jan 20, 2008
Level Advanced, Elementary
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Here you can find several placement tests.

In order to do so you need to have Acrobat Reader.

Fill in the gaps in the questionnaire. Correct your answers using the key at the back of the questionnaire and add up your result. To find out your level, compare your result with the scale of levels.

If you have a good previous knowledge of Swedish, skip Test A.
If you score 33 or more in Test A, continue with Test B.
If you score 33 or more in Test B, continue with Test C.
Note that the test is in Swedish and that in Test A, some questions have 4 parts. In that case you must get all points correct to count 1 point.

Good Luck!