Elements of Language: 8th Grade - Using Pronouns Correctly (Ch. 19)


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The form of a personal pronoun shows how it can be used in a sentence. Pronouns used as subjects and predicate nominatives are in the “subject form.” The “subject” tells whom or what the sentence is about. Use the subject form for a pronoun that is the subject of a verb. A “predicate nominative” completes the meaning of a linking verb and identifies or refers to the subject of the sentence. Use the subject form for a pronoun that is a predicate nominative. A “direct object” completes the meaning of an action verb and tells “who” or “what” receives the action of the verb. Use the object form for a pronoun that is the direct object of a verb. An “indirect object” may come between an action verb and a direct object. An indirect object tells “to whom” or “to what” or “for whom” or “for what” something is done. Use the object form for a pronoun that is the indirect object of a verb. The “object of a preposition” is a noun or a pronoun that follows a preposition. Together, the preposition, its object, and any modifiers of that object make a “prepositional phrase.” Use the object form for a pronoun that is the object of a preposition. Sometimes a pronoun is followed directly by a noun that identifies the pronoun. Such a noun is called an “appositive.”

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