Elements of Language: 6th Grade - Reporting the News (Ch. 2)


For learning: English

Base language: English


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Created Dec 26, 2008
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  • articles
  • Exercises
  • exposition
  • news
  • newspaper
  • producing
  • Reading
  • reporting
  • tv
  • Writing

Workshops: Reading a Newspaper Article, Writing a Newspaper Article, Producing a Newspaper, Producing a TV News Segment.

You and your classmates are riding the bus to school when suddenly the bus stalls. The bus driver tries to start the bus, but is unsuccessful. A trip that normally takes thirty minutes has turned into a two-hour ordeal. This event has made a big impression on you, but you probably will not see it reported on tonight’s newscast or in tomorrow’s newspaper. What makes some events worth reporting in the news and others not? Newsworthy events are not just recent events. They must also affect many people or simply grab people’s attention.

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