Elements of Language: 8th Grade - Reporting Your Research (Ch. 5)


For learning: English

Base language: English


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Created Jan 14, 2009
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  • activities
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  • designing
  • Exercises
  • exposition
  • Reading
  • reporting
  • reports
  • research
  • web
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  • Writing

Workshops: Reading an Informative Web Site, Writing a Research Report, Designing a Web Site.

Think of the word “investigator.” Do you see someone in a Sherlock Holmes hat slinking around with a magnifying glass? The title “investigator” applies to many people, not just famous detectives. Scientists investigate plants and animals. Journalists investigate possible news stories. You investigate when you want to know about an interesting person or event. Often, investigators publish what they have learned in informative texts such as books, articles, or Web sites. Informative texts provide readers, viewers, or listeners with new information. You see informative texts based on research in many places—in magazines, on television, or on the Internet, for example. These research pieces help you satisfy your curiosity and learn more about your world.

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