The Principle of Hangul (The Korean Writing System)


For learning: Korean

Base language: English


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Created Jul 05, 2008
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Can you imagine what would it be like if you creat a new writing system, and sometime in the future tons of millions of people are using your writing system everyday? It is not just an unlikely story. Hangul (Korean writing system) was invented 600 years ago by King SeoJong, and about a hundred millions people are using Hangul everyday now. Hangul is completely different from common writing systems that are uncontrollable chaos because of random birth and long time of evolution. Just a few geunius simply created a clean, systemic, and beautiful writing system. That is Hangul. Hangul was created based on intuitive principles. If you can understand the principle of Hangul, you can easily memorize them. So, let's understand the principle of Hangul.


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very nicely done.
gomowoyo choppin-ssi!

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I think that there is no restriction in downloading. Just click on the "Download" button to download the file.

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hi plz allow me to download korean writing THANK YOU

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Thanks so much.. looks much easier to understand and learn Korean Writing System. :))