Latin-English Vocabulary II - Roma Aeterna


For learning: Latin

Base language: English


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Created Oct 28, 2008
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This is a vocabulary list for Lingua Latina: Part II, Roma Aeterna. From the publisher's Web site:

In Part II, Roma Aeterna, the subject is Roman history. Roma Aeterna includes a wide range of classical Latin literature. The main subject of the twenty-one long chapters is Roman history as told by Roman authors themselves. A description of the monuments of Rome is followed by a prose version of Vergil’s Aeneid I-IV, with extracts from the original, and Livy’s Book I, supplemented by extracts from Ovid. At first, Livy’s prose is gently adapted, but most of the book integrates unadapted texts by Livy, Aulus Gellius, Nepos, Sallust, Cicero and Horace with linguistic and historical information in a seamless narrative. The Indices is a supplement which contains lists of the Roman consuls and their triumphs (“Fasti consulares” and “triumphales”), as well as name and word indices covering the whole course.