Adult ESL and the Community College


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Created Dec 16, 2008
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[From the Foreword] “Adult ESL and the Community College” is a little paper about a large topic. Unlike the other publications in CAAL's working paper series, it is not a research paper as such, but rather a kind of primer that looks at some of the key issues in community college ESL programming. The paper helps define issues relevant to CAAL's study of the role and potential of community colleges in adult education and literacy. It also opens the door to a more serious research effort on ESL that CAAL will soon begin with funding from the Hewlett Foundation. ESL is one of the fastest growing areas of need in the community college -- for two kinds of students, ESL adults with basic literacy deficiencies and adults who were well educated in their home countries but need help with their English skills. Most colleges, according to this working paper, offer several different types of ESL programs for both groups, but there is little solid understanding of variations and challenges in their management, faculty, curriculum, and assessment. The paper calls for research in several areas -- with the end goal of improving program placement, expanding service, and easing transitions from ESL instruction to GED or college degree and job training programs. CAAL's Web site ( lists task force members and goals for the community college project. It also offers in PDF form all publications in this series as well as other CAAL publications.