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Created Oct 28, 2008
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This is an article from the publisher of the Longman dictionaries about the difficulties in learning English vocabulary.

From the text: Compared to many languages, English seems to have a rich and very large vocabulary. The reasons for this are well known. English vocabulary is a complicated mixture of Germanic words and Romance words. The Germanic words are words which English shares with languages like German, Danish, and Norwegian. The Romance words are words which English shares with languages like French, Spanish and Italian. These Romance words are further split up into two main groups. Some of these words became part of English at the time of the Norman Conquest, around 1100AD. The others were imported into English by scholars in the 18th Century, directly from Latin, or occasionally from Greek. The result of all this borrowing and adoption of words is that English vocabulary presents a lot of very awkward problems for foreign learners.


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