Learn Japanese (PDF textbook)


For learning: Japanese

Base language: English


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Created Dec 02, 2007
Level , Advanced, Elementary, Beginner
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  • Vocabulary

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posted 6 month(s) ago

thank you so much.:)
hope to learn something from this.:)

domo arigatou gozaimasu!

posted 6 month(s) ago

I know this is going to help me. :) Domou arigatou gosaimazu!

posted 6 month(s) ago

Super thank you for this textbook!

どうも ありがとう ございます!

posted 6 month(s) ago

Dear Vic, I found that in your lesson, something like this.

Watashi ha ringo wo tabeta.

Here ‘ha’ is OK, but when you speak in Japanese ‘ha’ should be pronounced as ’wa ‘
So here you have to write as watashi wa ringo wo tabeta.
According to my knowledge I found that it’s better if you can write’ wo’ as ‘o’ but I’m not very much sure about that but Please find it out somewhere.
I saw In some place you did indicate the thing what I said. But you can’t write it like that. if you do so pronunciation error can be occurred. Thank you very much. Bye,

Janaka- SriLanka

posted 6 month(s) ago

waw this book is very long and this is many pages
thank for you