Elements of Language: 8th Grade - Sharing an Opinion (Ch. 6)


For learning: English

Base language: English


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Created Jan 18, 2009
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Workshops: Reading a Persuasive Essay, Writing a Persuasive Essay, Giving and Listening to a Persuasive Speech.

“All of this for three easy payments of $19.95!” “This is the must-see movie of the year!” “Vote for Maria for student council president.” Thumb through any magazine and you will find pages of product-peddling ads. Glance out of the car window and you will see larger-than-life billboards advertising everything from hospitals to movies. Flip to the editorial section of the newspaper and you will read pages jammed with writers trying to get you to believe as they do. It seems that everywhere you turn someone is using “persuasion.” What is persuasion? Persuasion is the art of convincing individuals to do or believe something.

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