English as a Second Language (ESL) Standards


For learning: English

Base language: English


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Created Dec 16, 2008
Level , Advanced, Elementary, Beginner
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Standard I: The ESL teacher understands fundamental language concepts and knows the structure and conventions of the English language. Standard II: The ESL teacher has knowledge of the foundations of ESL education and factors that contribute to an effective multicultural and multilingual learning environment. Standard III: The ESL teacher understands the processes of first- and second-language acquisition and uses this knowledge to promote students’ language development in English. Standard IV: The ESL teacher understands ESL teaching methods and uses this knowledge to plan and implement effective, developmentally appropriate ESL instruction. Standard V: The ESL teacher has knowledge of the factors that affect ESL students’ learning of academic content, language, and culture. Standard VI: The ESL teacher understands formal and informal assessment procedures and instruments (language proficiency and academic achievement) used in ESL programs and uses assessment results to plan and adapt instruction. Standard VII: The ESL teacher knows how to serve as an advocate for ESL students and facilitate family and community involvement in their education.