The Mid-Autumn Festival


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Created Sep 13, 2008
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The Mid-Autumn Festival


posted 6 month(s) ago

Hello HogoFogo ! Thank you for your message.
seems you are a llittle edacious ;-)
Hope you have a chance to taste it.
hmm if can't buy moon cake, i think the other cake is fine too.
maybe this night you can also enjoy the full moon and eat the other cake.
Hope you have a good night with your family.

posted 6 month(s) ago

hi Jessca, in my country we don´t celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival, but it´s really interesting and moon cake looks delicious, even combination of lotus seeds and duck eggs can make stomach problem to me...

posted 6 month(s) ago

Sorry Jessica I forget it because I am busy recently. My headmaster give me mooncake today,
so I remember "cap go me" will come soon. And when I read your "post" I just realize that Mid
Autumn Festival = cap go me in Indonesia.
But I rarely celebrate Mid Autumn festival. Xie Xie.

posted 6 month(s) ago

really? if that, why you didn't told me last time. when i send you e-mail. i said " hope you have a nice day wiht your family." you didn't response . so i guess that Indonesia don't have " Mid-Autumn Festival"
ok now i see. hehe
Thank you so much sin

posted 6 month(s) ago

Who is chang'e? We are celebrate the mid autumn festival in Indonesia too.

In Indonesia we call " cap go me" ( the fifteenth day).