The ESL Computer Book: The Internet (Halifax Immigrant Learning Centre)


For learning: English

Base language: English


Rating 5.0 (1 WK096)
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Created Dec 22, 2008
Level , Advanced, Elementary, Beginner
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Welcome to “The ESL Computer Book – The Internet.” This workbook is one in a series of computer skills workbooks designed for ESL learners. This workbook is a basic introduction to the Internet and was developed for English as a Second Language learners both in a classroom setting with an instructor and as a self-teaching guide. The first few pages explain the basic skills needed to understand the Internet. After these pages, there is no order to the activities. Learners may want to choose the web sites of interest to them. Practice activities follow each page of instruction. These activities guide learners through different parts of web sites. The instructions and practice activities are followed by a list of additional Internet addresses that may be of interest to ESL learners. Learners have different learning styles. Some may want to ‘jump in’ while others may need to read carefully and understand the instructions before proceeding. Before starting this book, learners should know how to connect to the Internet, have some basic keyboarding skills, and know how to use the mouse.