Resources: Learning Chinese (Mandarin)

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  • 《汉语桥》  
    This is China's "Chinese bridge" theme, hope you like them.
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 北京欢迎你 Welcome to Beijing (Beijing Olympic song)  
    迎 接 另 一个 晨 曦 带 来 全 新 空 气 ying jie ling yi ge chen xi dai lai quan xin kong qi Another morning is coming, and brings in the fresh air 气息 改 变...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Song 朋友  
    Chinese famous song, it is often sung in Chinese Karaoke, simple words, beatiful music, about friendship, i love it:) Singer:周华健 Song name:朋友 这些年一个人风也过雨也走 有过泪...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • a good song《好久不见》<Haven't seen you for a long time>by Eason Chen  
    a good song for learning Chinese.Lyric is saying about the feeling when we meet someone that we loving deeply ever in the past. เนื้อเพลงซาบซึ้งตรึงใจ~อย่...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Chinese fable  
    The three monks, a famous Chinese fable
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 汉语拼音-hanyu pinyin-teach you to read Chinese alphabet  
    some Chinese children read them,but it is a bit fast may you feel not easy to follow, but just try. Pratice more and you'll feel better. I'm looking for a word that write down the ...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 歌曲:香水有毒 A SONG: Poisonous Perfume, with chinese and english lyrics  
    歌曲 香水有毒 A SONG Poisonous Perfume 我曾经爱过这样一个男人 I have been loving such a man 他说我是世上最美的女人 Who told me I was the prettiest woman 我为他保留着那...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 捉泥鳅  
    music~about childhood~
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 周杰伦-东风破  
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 青花瓷  
    a wonderful song 素胚勾勒出青花笔锋浓转淡, 瓶身描绘的牡丹一如你初妆。 冉冉檀香透过窗心事我了然, 宣纸上走笔至此搁一半。 釉色渲染仕女图韵味被私藏, 而你嫣然的一笑如含苞开放。 你的...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Luna stands for my heart  
    Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • zhi dao bu zhi dao (知道不知道  
    it is a beautiful song
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • hong qing ting (红蜻蜓)  
    this is a song
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • sing a song 茉莉花  
    this is a song
    • 6 month(s) ago
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