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  • Beginner to Intermediate English speaker in just 18 hours with English Out There on Italki  
    Case study of a Chinese student using English Out There courses online. Jane, 27 Chinese, went from a beginner to intermediate speaker in just 18 hours of using English Out There ...
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  • 歌曲: 香水有毒by Hu Yanglin, with chinese and english lyrics  
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  • BBC--The Gardens of Britain 英国的大花园  
    The British are well known for their gardens. In this programme, John Escolme and Oliver Zheng are out and about in a large public garden, one of Britain’s finest, the Garden at C...
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  • 1st lesson of Russian:10 things which foreigners usually associate with Russia  
    It's the first lesson for all of my friends learning Russian. Today you will not be tortued with the alphabet or grammar. As a starter we'll list top 10 things which foreigners usu...
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  • Quoted Speech in English  
    An explanation of how to quote another person when speaking in English. Created and spoken by Teacher Brad C. Also available as a video at:
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  • Modals in English  
    A look at the most common modal verbs in English, with an explanation of the different levels of urgency for each. Created and spoken by Teacher Brad C. Also available as a video...
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  • Telephoning: Handling Sales Calls  
    I (Teacher Brad C) wrote this podcast for Business English It teaches how to get past a gatekeeper when attempting to make a sales appointment over the telephone.
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  • VOA-World markets depressed despite US stimulus and banking moves  
    Despite Senate passage of its massive stimulus package and the U.S. banking bailout plan announced by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, overseas markets did not react with enthu...
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  • Chinadaily-Full moon and sweet somethings  
    Tonight the moon is supposed to look the biggest and brightest in all of 52 Lantern Festivals. It may not be good news for some people because they believe full moons could affect ...
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  • Financial city' is taking shape  
    SHANGHAI: The city's recent plan to further escalate the role of its Lujiazui financial and trade zone is good news for financial talents from home and abroad, but a prudent approa...
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  • Officials' pay to be publicized  
    The income of more than 1,000 officials in Altay prefecture in the north of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region will be made public by March, in line with ongoing efforts to impro...
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  • Chinadaily News-Beware of fake notes, bank says  
    With the festive season approaching, the central bank yesterday warned the public to be on the lookout for high quality counterfeit 100-yuan banknotes. Though mostly counterfeit 1...
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  • Chinadaily News-Nation to double natural gas output by 2015  
    The country aims to more than double its annual natural gas output to 160 billion cubic meters, and produce about 6 billion tons of oil in the next 30 years, or 200 million tons a ...
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