1st lesson of Russian:10 things which foreigners usually associate with Russia


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CreatedSep 03, 2009
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It's the first lesson for all of my friends learning Russian. Today you will not be tortued with the alphabet or grammar. As a starter we'll list top 10 things which
foreigners usually associate with Russia. First I'll propose a shortcut of 5 words.

1). водка = vodka

That's a pity that this word always comes first.
Note that it's spelled almost as "вода" which means "water".
And some russians really can drink as much vodka as water.

2). коммунизм = communism

It's the ill-fame which we have inherited from out parents.

3). газ = gas (natural gas)

I think all europeans do remember last winter gas scandal. No comments.

4). нефть = oil

Yes, we have a lot! And do you know where?

5). Сибирь = Siberia

Nowdays it's not only the name of a region in the East of Russia,
but the name of an airline company as well.

Let's summarize what we'v got here:

So my top-5 list is completed. Now it's your turn to point out 5 most remarkable
things about Russia.

Please send them in your e-mails or messages or leave comments here.

Удачи и до скорого! :)