Resources: Learning Chinese (Mandarin)

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  • music  
    listen, it's a good way to learn language.~ here , you can enjoy wonderful songs.!!
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • ChinesePod - Chinese Hospitality and Finding Vegetarian Food  
    Chinese hospitality can be overwhelming. Today on Dear Amber we hear firsthand about the royal treatment we get here from the people of China. And, on another topic... the Chinese ...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • a good song《好久不见》<Haven't seen you for a long time>by Eason Chen  
    a good song for learning Chinese.Lyric is saying about the feeling when we meet someone that we loving deeply ever in the past. เนื้อเพลงซาบซึ้งตรึงใจ~อย่...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 北京欢迎你 Welcome to Beijing (Beijing Olympic song)  
    迎 接 另 一个 晨 曦 带 来 全 新 空 气 ying jie ling yi ge chen xi dai lai quan xin kong qi Another morning is coming, and brings in the fresh air 气息 改 变...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Chinese fable  
    The three monks, a famous Chinese fable
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 越长越孤单  
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • zhi dao bu zhi dao (知道不知道  
    it is a beautiful song
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Song 朋友  
    Chinese famous song, it is often sung in Chinese Karaoke, simple words, beatiful music, about friendship, i love it:) Singer:周华健 Song name:朋友 这些年一个人风也过雨也走 有过泪...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 青花瓷  
    a wonderful song 素胚勾勒出青花笔锋浓转淡, 瓶身描绘的牡丹一如你初妆。 冉冉檀香透过窗心事我了然, 宣纸上走笔至此搁一半。 釉色渲染仕女图韵味被私藏, 而你嫣然的一笑如含苞开放。 你的...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 周杰伦-东风破  
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 《汉语桥》  
    This is China's "Chinese bridge" theme, hope you like them.
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Pre-Valentine's News  
    This week, you can look forward to Chinese lessons about plagiarism, electrical outlets, and Valentine's Day! Pete will talk about a classic Tang poem. And, best of all, the Chines...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Luna stands for my heart  
    Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Taxi Culture in China  
    On today's Dear Amber, we have a special 'taxi' edition. We educate you on everything taxi: from nabbing techniques to safety to price and beyond. These aren't no checkered cabs. S...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • sing a song 茉莉花  
    this is a song
    • 6 month(s) ago
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