Resources: Learning Chinese (Mandarin)

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  • Pre-Valentine's News  
    This week, you can look forward to Chinese lessons about plagiarism, electrical outlets, and Valentine's Day! Pete will talk about a classic Tang poem. And, best of all, the Chines...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • music  
    listen, it's a good way to learn language.~ here , you can enjoy wonderful songs.!!
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • Taxi Culture in China  
    On today's Dear Amber, we have a special 'taxi' edition. We educate you on everything taxi: from nabbing techniques to safety to price and beyond. These aren't no checkered cabs. S...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • ChinesePod - Chinese Hospitality and Finding Vegetarian Food  
    Chinese hospitality can be overwhelming. Today on Dear Amber we hear firsthand about the royal treatment we get here from the people of China. And, on another topic... the Chinese ...
    • 6 month(s) ago
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  • 越长越孤单  
    • 6 month(s) ago
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