Learn German with SpeedyConKiwi! (Hi. Bye. Thanks.)


For learning: German

Base language: English


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CreatedDec 15, 2008
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Episode two!!
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Hello = Hallo
Good morning = Guten Morgen
Good evening = Guten Abend
Good day = Guten Tag
Good night = Gute Nacht
Goodbye = Auf Wiedersehen
Bye = Tschüß/Ciao
See you soon = Bis bald
See you later = Bis später
See you tomorrow = Bis morgen
Please = Bitte
Thank you = Danke
You're welcome = Bitte (You could also use "Gern geschehen", but I forgot to mention it.... meh... sorry, stupid me, will add it next time. But "bitte" is perfectly correct. Duh!)

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me in the comments!



posted 6 month(s) ago

i would like to see others videos. it helped me a lot

posted 6 month(s) ago

It's amazing! This video really helped!
I hope you have some more videos, cuz u r a great teacher, really!
Danke! :)

posted 6 month(s) ago

it's really awesome way i like too much
and it's so useful