Learn Russian Lesson 1 - Part II - Babel Yak


For learning: Russian

Base language: English


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CreatedDec 15, 2008
Level Beginner
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Learn Russian with Babel Yak's new system. You read, hear and then speak - the easiest way to memorize a language.
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This is Lesson 1 of Babel Yak's Russian Unit I. It is not similar to other language learning programs in that:
1. Our program is comprehensive
2. You are not contained you next to a computer
3. You learn on-the-go
4. Our videos are made specifically for portable players such as iPod, zune or any other MP3/MP4 player.
5. You learn the alphabet naturally as you progress into the lesson. Phonetic spelling also makes it easy to pronounce the words (read the bottom line of the video text)