Japanese Proverb - 頭隠して、尻隠さず Hide Head, Don't Hide Butt


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頭隠して、尻隠さず atama kakushite, shiri kakusazu
Literal: Hide head, don't hide butt
English Equivalent: Hiding your head in the sand (like an Ostrich)
[Not a very similar meaning, but both are used for ridicule when someone does something foolish]

隠して kakushite hidingThe て form of 隠す kakusu to hide; conceal
隠さず kakusazu not hide; the ず is a negative ending

shinnosuke wa, kakurenbou suru toki, itsumo oshiri ga mieteiru. masa ni, atama kakushite shiri kakusazu da..
Shinnosuke when playing hide-and-go-seek, always (hides somewhere that) exposes his backend. Truly, this is hiding his head but not his butt.

しんのすけ shinnosuke—a boy's name
かくれんぼう kakurenbou—hide-and-go-seek (children's game)
するとき suru toki—when doing...
いつも itsumo—always
おしり oshiri—butt; backend
見えている miete iru—able to be seen
まさに masa ni—surely; certainly; truly