Learn Speaking Hindi Lesson 1


For learning: Hindi

Base language: English


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CreatedJan 15, 2009
Level Elementary, Beginner
  • aur
  • chal
  • greetings
  • hai
  • Hindi
  • in
  • kya
  • reha
  • Speaking
  • up
  • what's

As soon as you say 'Hi' you would ask what's up? or what's going on? Same expression is expressed as 'Aur Kya Chal Reha hai?' in hindi which means "What's going on?"

Just a try!!


posted 6 month(s) ago

but first no alphabet understanding. how can i catch that?

posted 6 month(s) ago

Very nice. I like all the repeating and having the spoken language written out. Well done.