Polish Pronunciation Guide Unit 1


For learning: Polish

Base language: English


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CreatedJan 27, 2009
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My plan is to produce one short video for every letter and every sound of the Polish Language.

At the end there will be approximately 45 videos, every one of them containing 17 words.

So theoretically somebody, who would spend 45 minutes watching all of them, would have at least a swift contact with 765 Polish words (mainly substantives)

There is a myth that the Polish Language is one of the most difficult to learn. I don't believe it anymore after meeting and speaking to a lot of students who after learning Polish for six months or so - mastered this language to a remarkable degree.

My theory is that the Polish Language appears very difficult at the beginning but after somebody manages to reach a certain point of knowledge - this language becomes unexpectedly easy to speak - because obviously it is a very intuitive and "judge by the ear" language.

After reaching a certain point you just know how to say it (how to decline and so) because it seems to sound either good or not.

So this is why I think, that anybody who would like to learn Polish should invest quite an ample time to "get used" to it.

Those 45 minutes of the Polish alphabet are supposed to be the first introduction to this foreign language. It should help to understand how Polish should be pronounced as well as to learn some first Polish words.

It should give you the general idea of how the Polish language sounds like.

In the next level we will deal with most common verbs. We will look at how they sound and function.

I dedicate this course to Carina and Manuel who are trying to learn Polish. I hope I can help you. You can imagine how happy I would be to speak Polish with you.


posted 6 month(s) ago

and "y" is not pronounced like it is recorded! here it is pronounced like "i"! sorry for criticising, but it may lead to confusion.

posted 6 month(s) ago

y -> igrek.

sorry but this video is bs. if you mastered Polish you should have realised that this presentation of the alphabet does not provide pronunciation of single letters!

for example:

we write "b" and pronounced it as a one sound only, and here in the video you get something like "be" (two sounds are presented instead of one - a consonant and a vowel)! this version of alphabet is for children to get to know the order of letters (to make it easier to pronounce some vowels were put between sounds - like making a short poem from it), but it's useless as far as pronounciation is concerned!