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For learning: English

Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)


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CreatedMar 10, 2009
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This lesson is a little bit different. I'll tell you how you can get the most from your English classes by studying more effectively.


posted 6 month(s) ago

can't see///

posted 6 month(s) ago

can't see...

posted 6 month(s) ago

well, it was interesting!

posted 6 month(s) ago

I am going to do it! It's a interesting way to learn.

posted 6 month(s) ago

ni hao , i want to improve my chinese more and more , so i tried to watch i taLKÄ° HERE BUT i cant see any video they dont open , why i cant see the all videos can you help me about this subject , what must i download for watch these all videos ? thanks for your helps ,
zai jian