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For learning: Swahili

Base language: English


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CreatedJun 09, 2009
Level Advanced, Elementary, Beginner
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In this course you will learn enough kiSwahili to start conversations and as you go along you will find out it is easy to learn and understand what is being said to you. Most of my matter is reproduction from my website www.kulmansam.com which has been up and running since 1995. The site has been used by tourists and students from different countries to learn kiSwahili and also as a source for African recipes from Zanzibar Islands.
The course will start with greetings and take you through different scenarios that a tourist may go through while visiting the Swahili coast (East Africa). I have taken some of the matter from a book called 'Tourist Guide to Tanzania - by Gratian Luhikula' and published by 'Travel Promotion Services Ltd.'
The object of my course is not to teach kiSwahili grammar or written kiSwahili, but rather to get you conversing confidently from day one. You will learn to read as we go, but you will have to take advance courses if you plan to write a book!
While you are here, just have fun listening and speaking kiSwahili.
Accompanying text can be found on my italki class @ http://www.italki.com/docs/99ca5247-5823-43e2-83a3-98b4f397b398.htm